Why should you choose IMS
as your partner in China?

Unlike other agencies, IMS offers end-to-end digital services in China ranging from data analytics to CRM to growth marketing. Our local teams have deep-rooted expertise in the China market, while our data analytics team in Hong Kong combines best-in-class tools with in-house developed solutions to deliver world-class consumer and market insights. This allows us to adopt agile, data-driven strategies that maximize ROI of your investment in China and achieve early wins in our partnership.

China is unique market with a homegrown digital landscape

The Chinese market is characterized by native social media platforms such as WeChat or Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book). Its consumers are technologically savvy, culturally hungry, and reluctant to engage with brands who are not offering a strong connection with their emotions or values. Different consumer groups also have their own unique behavioural patterns and needs: China’s Generation Z will represent 40% of all consumers by 2020 (source: CTI and Penguin Intelligence report), while there are more Millennials in China than there are people in the United States.

Our on-the-ground digital marketing team at IMS is at the forefront of emerging consumer trends and new, exciting technologies. Our agile thinking and data-driven approach enables us to identify quick wins for brands, whether it’s supporting sales of a newly launched Tmall store, innovating on the WeChat social media platform, or providing unique and personal experiences on an e-commerce platform.

Leveraging the power of customer data in China

The Chinese technology giants provide extensive opportunities to engage with consumers, but it isn’t always easy to collect data from these interactions. IMS has developed its own in-house solution spanning the entire consumer lifecycle: empowering brands with game-changing insights on their consumer groups. With such a dynamic and fast-changing market, IMS creates a competitive edge by understanding how consumer needs affect their buying and content consumption habits.

Do you want to succeed in China?

Our data-driven, integrated approach will allow you to navigate the complexities of this unique market its homegrown digital landscape and win over Chinese consumers.

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