Reach and inspire China’s fast growing consumer market

Tap into the world’s largest
e-commerce market and unlock
rich opportunities to drive sales
and build your brand equity through marketing in China


Our local teams in Guangzhou and Shanghai have proven expertise across all aspects of marketing to China, from WeChat HTML 5 mini-programmes to e-commerce and branding.

Whether you are launching a new brand or product to Chinese consumers or you are struggling to drive sales through third-party distributors, IMS will work with you to build and execute an integrated, omnichannel strategy that focuses on results.


WeChat Marketing
in China

Be at the forefront of New Retail trends to engage customers in new and exciting ways.

Social Listening
in China

Stop guessing what the modern Chinese consumer wants: use data insights to construct a compelling brand narrative.

Experiential Marketing
in China

Combine O2O for a viral marketing campaign that makes your brand the talk of the town.

Social Media Marketing
in China

Navigate China’s social media landscape by leveraging seamless omnichannel storytelling.

E-commerce &
Omnichannel Strategies
in China

Tap into the power of social commerce by engaging consumers with value-adding content.

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