WeChat Marketing in China

IMS will help your brand become a pioneer in a world of conversational and social commerce, using WeChat marketing strategies to engage customers in new and exciting ways to unlock unprecedented revenue growth.

WeChat marketing is a critical driver of brand awareness and sales in China. Launched in 2011 as a mobile messaging app, WeChat has evolved into its own universe of games, payment services, shopping, and social sharing: providing brands with a plethora of opportunities to reach consumers. For brands looking to grow their revenue in the Chinese market, WeChat is a key component in engaging consumers at different stages of the customer lifecycle thanks to its virality potential and end-to-end journey from discovery to post-purchase customer service.


We have expertise in collecting powerful data insights on how consumers use WeChat to interact with brands across the customer lifecycle, empowering you with sophisticated, real-time consumer targeting insights. By using these insights to create great content that builds emotional connection with audiences, IMS can leverage the power of sharing through WeChat Moments: a key first touchpoint for WeChat users when discovering new brands or products.

WeChat also allows brands to browse products, add a selected product to their basket, and complete payment – all without leaving the WeChat application! As a closed environment for dealing with customer queries and complaints, WeChat can be leveraged as a vehicle to deliver exceptional customer service and manage reputational risks. In this way, IMS turns customer service into a powerful marketing strategy that turns loyal customers into vocal brand advocates.


WeChat’s ecosystem is vast, with a plethora of opportunities for brands to engage consumers. IMS can help you cut through the noise to raise brand awareness, engage consumers, and convert them to customers. We provide the following services:

  • Build and deploy an e-commerce mini-programme within the WeChat ecosystem;
  • Design and execute mini-programmes such as games, challenges, competitions and more;
  • Integrate a loyalty programme into WeChat using a mini-programme;
  • Create and publish exciting, relevant content to engage consumers;
  • Provide customer service and PR management;
  • Influencer collaboration and partnerships.

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Our data-driven, integrated approach will allow you to navigate the complexities of this unique market its homegrown digital landscape and win over Chinese consumers.

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