Experiential Marketing in China

Our leading team of experiential marketing experts know how to translate your brand story into powerful brand-user interactions. Our unique ability to combine creativity with data allows us to achieve unprecedented results for brand campaigns.

From PR and events to crossover marketing campaigns, we drive your success by marrying business, data, and brand strategies. We help brands launch new products, refresh their brand image to appeal to a new consumer segment, build and execute event strategies, and create synergetic partnerships. We adopt a multichannel approach to reach consumers on multiple platforms, helping to amplify our messages and create viral content.


Our data analytics team works intimately with our creative team to deliver cutting edge insights on consumers, helping brands further refine their marketing messages.

  • Omnichannel campaign management and execution;
  • Crossover marketing and partnership management and collaboration;
  • Integrating experiential campaigns such as with WeChat HTML 5 programmes, loyalty campaigns or e-commerce;
  • PR and events;
  • Influencer collaboration and campaigns;
  • IP marketing and brand marketing, including video shooting and production.

We-Chat Marketing in China

Be at the forefront of New Retail trends and leverage the WeChat ecosystem to engage customers in new and exciting ways: unlocking unprecedented revenue growth.

Social Media Marketing in China

We’ll help you navigate the sophisticated social media landscape in China, leveraging technology for seamless omnichannel storytelling in a way that connects and engages consumers.

Social Listening in China

Stop guessing what the modern Chinese consumer wants: use consumer data insights to construct a compelling brand narrative that improves organic reach through word-of-mouth, ultimately lowering customer acquisition costs.

E-commerce & Omnichannel Strategies in China

We’ll help you to navigate the New Retail environment that characterizes the Chinese market, unlocking immense business value and reaching the right consumer, with the right content, on the right channel and at the right time.

Do you want to succeed in China?

Our data-driven, integrated approach will allow you to navigate the complexities of this unique market its homegrown digital landscape and win over Chinese consumers.

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