Social Listening in China

Through social listening, IMS will uncover ‘small data’ insights from big data and combine these insights with CRM data to build a brand story that resonates with your audiences and establishes an emotional connection with consumers: improving conversion and customer loyalty.

China is a data-rich market, thanks in large part to its giant social network ecosystems. Unlike their Western counterparts, these social ecosystems are unique in that they capture the entire consumer lifecycle from research to purchase: Chinese consumers spend 170 minutes a day on their smartphones taking part in activities such as discovering brands and products, uploading product recommendations, sharing social content, and making purchases. The result is a wealth of consumer insights that allows brands to conduct social listening.


IMS builds sophisticated consumer modelling using big data and machine-learning. Whether it’s tuning in to what existing customers are saying about your latest product release or using consumer conversations to reach a new consumer segment, we can help leverage social listening capabilities to build and refine marketing messages that increase customer retention and drive customer acquisition.


Understanding your existing consumers, and being able to identify and target new consumers, is a key component of your digital strategy in China. IMS can help you to maximize the impact of your marketing messages and optimize ROI of your investment by:

  • Collecting and processing data insights from online platforms;
  • Creating data models that address business and marketing questions (e.g. how share of voice impacts brand sales growth);
  • Leveraging insights to optimize marketing campaigns and refine brand messaging;
  • Conducting competitor analysis and identifying comparative strengths and weaknesses;
  • Analyzing market sentiment on topics relating to your brand or product (e.g. to prepare for a new product release).

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